SelfieMark ?

Because we LOVE visual content! We love selfies! And we love users who create and participate in polls and share their product and brand experiences to make their mark.

As traditional advertising continues to lose its effectiveness and online users tire of being bombarded by pop-up ads, we believe there is a solution available to bring eyes to your products and services.

We believe shared user experiences and peer-to-peer recommendations translate into sales! So we developed a place for them to share!

SelfieMark is a team of seasoned e-commerce and visual content junkies. Unlike plain social networks, we don't like pictures of rainbows unless we find a pot of gold at the end of it!

Some of the
features we offer to
users and
businesses are:

User Ratings

feedback collection

Social Networking

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Twin IMAGIN for comparison Purposes

Video Uploader

Web view with tracking on every post and poll showing you, in real-time, who is saving your content with our "MARK IT" button.

(More on our "MARK IT" below).

FOLLOW button to place on your site so users can connect with your content in our web view or app.

Add links to any post or poll to make sales.

Cool cam editor with filters, meme's, stickers and more to personalize your pictures.

Why Selfies?

A selfie is a self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a digital camera or camera phone held in the hand or supported by a selfie stick.

Selfies are nowadays a powerful way to communicate "status updates" of your life like who are you wearing and where you are going.

People believe in their friend's ratings and opinions about brands therefore selfies are more shareable than ads.

People are sharing stories in locations where your ads can never penetrate - in their homes, on car rides with friends, hanging out at bars.

SelfieMark will be the only app that weaves products and personal expression into the fabric of mobile social networking. We will be the first and only systematic platform (patent-pending) to enable users (individuals and companies) to promote a brand, while comparing/polling a product in the context of sharing a selfie.

Traditional Advertising is not effective anymore!

Why polls?

"Poll: An activity in which many people are asked the same questions in order to find out what most people think about something." After all, isn't a focus group a small poll? What if you could do large polls with instant feedback from your desk?

Visual Polling

Why visual polling?

Because we know users, brands, designers, and everyone benefits from real-time feedback. Selfies and visual images are more appealing and attractive in a poll and that makes users more connected to a product or a brand.

Our visual polls entice the user to vote on two selfies/images. When you ask users to vote on a poll, you are enticing them to pick the product they like and purchase the product. When that user purchases your product, they are recommending your product. So their friends and followers are more likely to buy your product. Peer to Peer recommendations work!

You can take advantage of your SelfieMark polls by asking users:

What is the best of two products you are considering offering,
What look they prefer (fashion, beauty, decor),
What they think of a before and after transformation,
What is hot or not,
Who wore it better,
The possibilities go on and on.

Our MARK IT feature!

MARK IT is another exciting feature you can take advantage of. We created the MARK IT button so users can save visual content, they are interested in, to their profiles for later review. We give you a web view to see, in real-time, who MARK IT your content. You can immediately see the appeal of your offering.

Sponsored Ads

Reach all of our SelfieMark audience with a post/poll for your product or brand and we will help you craft the perfect visual content for your audience.

Our users are Millennials and mid age professionals who love fashion, beauty, interior design and they are active in social media channels. We also have a great community of moms and blogger's, designers and make-up artists.

Go to our web view and see our SelfieMark account in the app:

If you need more information please contact us: Marketing@selfiemark.com

The SelfieMark Team